This site is dedicated to the global vegetarianism, the promotion of vegetarianism and compassion to animals. It's also to gather all vegetarians, animal lovers and sympathizers, on the same platform with respect  to those who are not for the time being vegetarians without bias of religions, castes or races, and to meet their expectations that is to say yours.

The continuous environmental problem growth, preoccupations of each about his/her health, the gruesome and 'unthinkable'  horrible sufferings perpetrated against innocent animals and above all the role of meat consumption on health, more and more people are considering to quit the consumption of meat despite all kinds of misleading advertisement from those who get their livings on the life of innocent animals!

Every day more people are considering to adopt a vegetarian way of living for one or several reasons and are confronted often to the difficulty to reach of information on the topic.

Yet information abounds on the topic, the thousands of articles, books and scientific results  about vegetarianism exist. But the difficulty of access comes because information is  very scattered .  Being first of its kind in Mauritius, we have gathered and received as much  information as possible from well reputed and most esteemed organizations who are fighting for the right to living -with more compassion towards animals and the promotion of Vegetarianism and we pay our humble tribute and recognize all their efforts.

The reason to be of Vegetarian Org Mauritius is to provide and to encourage the exchanges of information on vegetarianism through the Internet. Information is addressed to the people who consider vegetarianism as much and that have need of more than information to make their choice, that to the vegetarians who want in to know more on the topic. It offers also a wide choice and ample information through links to other web pages/sites and organizations. 

                                       WE NEED YOUR VOICE!
Mauritius is a rare country where animals are killed without stunning or made to sleep. Thus, they are butchered and undergo all kinds of sufferings. According to an officer willing to keep anonymous, Inspectors are not sufficient to cover slaughter houses  around the island. This is SHOCKING!!!. Such practices should cease.  Please, write to the Minister of Agriculture. Send your letters of protest through us, or to: The Minister of Agriculture, 8th & 9th Fl, Renganaden Seeneevassen Bldg, C/R Jules Koenig and Maillard Strs, Port Louis-Mauritius. 
Fax: (230) 212 4427.
Please send a copy of the letter to us as per the address listed below. Thank You.

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If you want to use the available information on VEGETARIAN ORG MAURITIUS, ask for the permission indicating what information you want to use and in what goal. All available news on VEGETARIAN ORG. MAURITIUS is protected by rights from authors (of the authors of the site or other organizations with which VEGETARIAN ORG. MAURITIUS graciously acknowledged and thanked them all for their support and collaboration). In any case we ask you to indicate the source of this information and proper credit to its authors with a hyperlink of the site or authors and its sources.

The world in which we are living has become "unlivable". How can we find peace when we are making war. Can there be peace, when we don't have any compassion for the poor, the weak, the defenseless. VEGETARIAN ORG MAURITIUS is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting a healthy and religious way of living without any prejudice to caste, creed and religious faiths.

With your support and compassion for animals, we hope to be able to create public awareness, education, litigation, investigation media campaigns to accomplish its goal of protecting all animals, from exploitation. We can be successful so long you believe that animals should be protected from all kinds of sufferings, we want to have supporters for a noble cause to defend the right of all individuals, human, animals, to be respected to live peacefully without fear of harm or persecution. 

Vegetarian Org Mauritius depends on your donations to promote its vigorous and vital work. We depend also on your kindness and love, determination and dedication of all people to take action to ensure that animal protection struggles of today become the victories of tomorrow. To all of you who believe that in this 21st Century, we can say no to inhumane and dreadful sufferings on animals and who'll help us to achieve this, a sincere and heartfelt

T H A N K  Y O U!

We wish to express our sincere thanks to:

                   PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals)
                                     Islamic Vegetarian.Com
                         IVU (International Vegetarian Union)
                                    Alliance Végétarienne
                                             PCRM (USA)

                                    The Vegetarian Site Com
                              The Young Indian Vegetarians

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