Religions and Vegetarianism

Almost all major religions advocate Vegetarianism. While, Hinduism is the only religion to lay stress and advocates only a Vegetarian Way of Living and compassion to animals, plants and nature, we have presented on this page other views and articles on other religions. The end results are finally the same just as different sources coming from different regions merge in the same ocean, readers and  animal lovers will sure appreciate these articles and will also beneficiate from a vast collection from different authors which we have found very resourceful, informative and breathtaking. Copyright rest with their authors and organization/association.

1. Hinduism: Its essence and relationship to Vegetarianism

2.Discussing Vegetarianism with a meat eater
3 Why Hindus don't eat meat
4. Hinduism & Vegetarianism
5.The Misrepresentation of Jesus Directives
6. Was Jesus a Vegetarian?
7. Islam and Vegetarianism
8. The Buddhist Recipe for Happiness
9. Jewish Philosophy of Vegetarianism
10.Islamic Concern
11.Animal Minds and Human Morals
12. The Day I saw A Meat-Eater
13. Ahimsa, Animal Rights and Spirituality
14.Ramadan and Vegetarianism in Islam
15. Islamic Concern- Sacrifice
16. The Sacrifice of Eid Al Adha
17.Islam Views on Animals
18.Islamic Halal Products
19. A Buddhist View on Vegetarianism
20. The Order of the Cross


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