' E ' Additives

 Detailed list of Additives


The Untold Story - Wine & Beers contain animal additives 

Common animal ingredients and derivatives


E Additives

Many animal derived ingredients find their way into everyday products such as foods, drinks, toiletries and cosmetics.  "E numbers" are food additives, many of which are extracted from animals and are therefore not vegetarian. There are more than 3,600 food additives. Not all are fully mentioned in our FOOD Acts (Mauritian Foods Act 1998). For example: Rennet which is an enzyme and food additive  is obtained from the stomach of slaughtered cattle animals is not mentioned/listed in the Food Act. However, it needs be mentioned that paragraph O of the (Mauritian) Food Act stipulates that:
the list of ingredients should contain:
" a statement as to the presence of beef or pork, or its derivatives or lard, in the food that contain beef or pork, or its derivatives or lard".

Same for E120: which is obtained from crushed Beetles- an insect (Cochineal) which is bred in Peru and this is not listed in the Food Act 1998.... though Carmine (its scientific name is listed). Unless, otherwise stated, it is difficult to be absolutely certain, (and there may be vegetarian alternatives just like E471 (gelatine of animal origin) its vegetarian sources are obtained  from Soya. The following 'E' numbers in BOLD are ALWAYS ANIMAL-DERIVED.
E120 ** E325 E432 E472b E477 E494 E570
E140 E326 E433 E472c E478 E495 E572
E141 E327 E434 E472d E479b E509 E589
E153 E352 E435 E472e E481 E516 E627
E161g E385 E436 E472f E482 E526 E631
E252 E404 E450 E473 E483 E540 ** E635
E270 E422 ** E470 E474 E491 E542 E640
E322 ** E430 E471 E475 E492 E545 E904 **
E431 E472a E476 E493 E522 E920  


Common animal ingredients and derivatives

 Albumen/albumin- egg white

Anchovy-small fish of the herring family

Bristle – stiff animal hair, usually from pigs
(especially tooth brushes, art brushes)

Casein* - main protein of milk

Cholecalciferol (D3) - vitamin derived from lanolin or fish oil

Cochineal (E120) - dye consisting of dried bodies of scale insects

Gelatine (e) - jelly obtained by boiling animal skin, tendons, ligament, bones

isinglass – very pure form of gelatin obtained from freshwater fish

Lanolin (e) – fat extracted from sheep’s wool

Lecithin (E322)* - fatty substance found in nerve/other tissues, egg yolk, blood

Rennet- extract of calf stomach

Shellac (904) – insect secretion

Tallow – hard animal fat

* denotes the substance may be non-animal derived

The Untold Story about Wines & Beers

Whilst the main ingredients of a product appear on its label, ingredients used in very small quantities and those used as a processing aid do not have to be declared.

Vitamin D (found in supplements, cereals or margarine) is usually D3 rather than the vegan D2.

Fruit may be coated with shellac or beeswax

Beers- are commonly fined (cleared) using isinglass

Wines- may be refined using blood, bone marrow, chitin, egg albumen, fish oil, gelatine,

Matches- contain gelatine which is used as a binder in the head

Plasticine- contains tallow

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