The Cruellest of Deaths of Animals  are in Mauritius
A.  Purmanund

Despite the proposal from certain persons from the MSPCA (Mauritius Society For The Protection of Cruelty to Animals) since 3 years to the Ministry of the Agriculture to amend the laws on cruelty to animals- (Prevention of Cruelty to Animals RL 4/255- 24 April 1982), the Authority has played deaf  ear! ( See- Be An Activist Page 10). We all know the power of money which can change many things. This speaks of itself on many issues! Are there stringent verifications done at 'deaths houses'? We leave it to our readers to make their own conclusions!

Slaughtering in Mauritius is poorly governed and plagued by animal abuse.

According to a Veterinary Surgeon who wants to keep anonymous, Cattle in Mauritius are neither
stunned nor go through anaesthesia. Only in some chicken slaughtering farms (except Halal Chicken- which have their necks sliced off while alive and this is for all animals) for 'management' reasons!

The Vet doctor says that:" This is debatable as for the stunning or not"!. 

On a question about the mistreatment, he preferred not to answer.  He acknowledged that some animals die of Heart attacks. He said that they are given time to calm down otherwise, the flesh will be hard to cook.

This is not true. From other articles on this site (une façon de vivre sans cruauté),  animals knows about their fate in their death chamber. They know and can see their 'friends' going under the knife of the murderous butcher and can smell everything. What, the vet perhaps does not know is that the animals are aware due to their advanced senses about the AURA in the death chamber (slaughter house). Animals are frightened. Who on earth will not be frightened, when someone is tied and drove away forcefully. If the animals does not suffer, why after cutting its main vein, should it be kept by force on ground.

All animals are conscious through the entire slaughtering process

While, all HOLY BOOKS condemn wounding or mistreating animals, the butcher sometimes misses or could not cut the jugular vein of the animal especially during Halal and the Sacrifice of animals. If the animals are not kept by force to ground, they would wake up while they bleed and are obviously still alive when other part of their body are cut (their hearts are still beating).

What happens to Chickens?
Chickens also undergo the worst kind of sufferings. According to PETA (People for Ethical treatment of Animals) on which we have besides gleaned all information,  chickens are hung upside down by their already crippled legs and routinely regain consciousness (or never loose consciousness especially in Mauritius as they are not stunned), they have their neck sliced off, (still alive), they are put in the scalding tank for feather removal.

(Proof: just have a visit at the Royal Street, Port Louis-Mauritius) at a 'Chicken Seller'. It is an open, dirty place without the necessary sanitary amenities where the chickens are slaughtered and sold to the public.  It would be good to know what was the first/or the last time, officers from the Sanitary Dept or the Veterinary Inspectors have been there!)

About Pigs: What they don't tell you.

Pigs are very clean animals who take to the mud primarily to cool off and evade flies. Pigs are at least as intelligent as dogs and like dogs, are friendly and gregarious. (Sources (Texts) PeTA - Vegetarian Starter Kit)

Ed's note: Pigs are very sensible and clean animals. Kudos to our Scientists who have disapproved those pseudo-prophets that pigs are

                                                                                                                                      Photos Credit: ©PETA

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