It   was   more   difficult,   since   being   vegetarian   was   ascribed   to   have   something   to   do   with   Hindu   and   Indian   culture.   So,   it   was   difficult   to   even   meet   even   one   of our objectives which was to educate and incultate a healthy and compassionate life-style through vegetarianism and forget about the media ! Now, what is Vegetarianism as per Vegetarian Society and Indian Philosophy ? Vegetarianism   is   in   keeping   with   the   Hindu   principle   of   non-violence.   It   lies   at   the   top   of   the   hierarchy   of   Hindu dietary    practices    and    is    rooted    in    Indian    customs.    Its    application    can    however    vary    between    regions    and communities.   Although   people   in   India   are   now   apparently   developing   a   taste   for   meat,   eating   animal   flesh   still remains relatively rare,  but with the Coca Cola or Westernized influences,  there are many Hindus eating meat.

  Definition of Vegetarianism

According   to   the   Vegetarian   Society,    :   "A   vegetarian   is   someone   who   lives   on   a   diet   of   grains,   pulses,   legumes,   nuts, seeds,   vegetables,   fruits,   fungi,   algae,   yeast   and/or   some   other   non-animal-based   foods   (e.g.   salt)   with,   or   without, dairy   products,   honey   and/or   eggs. A   vegetarian   does   not   eat   foods   that   consist   of,   or   have   been   produced   with   the aid   of   products   consisting   of   or   created   from,   any   part   of   the   body   of   a   living   or   dead   animal.   This   includes   meat, poultry,   fish,   shellfish*,   insects,   by-products   of   slaughter**   or   any   food   made   with   processing   aids   created   from these." So,   since   our   page   started   in   conjunction   of   our   Newspaper   as   mentioned   above   some   23   years   ago,   when   we started   our   website,   we   situated   ourselves   more   withinn   the   Indian   Philosophy   as   there   were   few   non-Hindu vegetarians   in   Mauritius   and   nowadays   and   fortunately,   thanks   to   the   great   work   from   our   US   and   European   friends and Sir Paul Mc Cartney , there is an emergence base of vegetarians from our multi-cultural society. We   are   still   amazed   when   we   were   enquiring   on   vegetarian   dishes   for   tourists   who   wrote   to   us   enquiring   of   hotels who   provide   vegetarian   dishes,   we   knocked   against   the   wall   and   for   them,   these   queries   were   from   another   planet. Today all so-called 5 stars hotels in Mauritius serve pure vegetarian dishes and some employ Indian Chefs as well.

Everybody can NOW join us

Vegetarian   Society   Mauritius   has   opened   its   doors   to   any   person,   irrespective   of   their   faiths   to   join   us   and   promote   a compassionate and healthy living.
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