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How vegetarianism is going back to its roots in Africa ?

Health and climate concerns are behind the growth of plant-based diets which were once prevalent on the continent

In the meat-loving capital of Burkina Faso, customers at a small roadside joint eat bean balls, grilled tofu skewers and peanut butter rice while a report about chickens unfit for consumption being dumped on the street airs on the midday news.

I am glad to see so many developments and changes in mind-set and mentality.
Had this been told to me a few years ago, I would have laughed !
I remember when I received a scholarship to a university in South Africa, apart me, were two " white Journalists: and the rest Africans. The first thing they told me, " Why I have not gone to India instead of coming here (South Africa) They also came from different parts like Malawi, Zimbabwe etc.
Everyday during lunch time, it was hell for me since I could not eat. Some would play dirty by touching beef or pork with the utensils for the rice and one vegetarian dish. So I stay all day through and could only enjoy a fruit juice.
This was in 1997. And if I was lucky on other days, if I was in the front line, I would be able to get some voeme legume or a pumpkin mash !

Going to Umtata, what a sad spectacle to see a cow (which is sacred for us) being killed and there also, the menu was a cow meat daube.

So, the above article brings some hope that vegetarianism has its place among some Africans as well !

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